MacOS 10.13.1 and CHE340-CHE341 based boards

I am trying to use the Franzis Arduino Nano board from Franzis. It uses a CH341 (or CH340) for serial communication. I want to be able to use it with my Mac(s) with MacOS 10.13.1. I tried installing a few drives, and in the end it worked on one machine and not on the other.
Does somebody have instructions which drivers to install so things work reproducibly?

I am trying to use the very nice “Adventskalender” for Arduino which is intended for beginners and has 24 small projects with the Arduino Nano. It works nicely on Windows, but being able to use it on Macs also would be helpful.

The problem is solved. One need to install the vetaest version of the CH341 driver, available from


It is version 1.4