Mad Catz Wireless Z-chuck

Alright, i have this wireless wii nunchuck from my family's wii. well i have code that works on a wired one, but i thought it would be awsome to go wireless. long story short.... i think im powering the wii nunchuck up wrong, because when i give it 3.3v through the mega, the mega spazzes out. 5v makes the light on the nunchuck flash once, and never connects to the other half.

truly any help u can give me would be helpful, i can do good on the code (if thats not the problem with the nunchuck) and wiring im pretty good at too. Its a Mad Catz Wireless Z-chuck (black if it matters)

ok, its the mega i’ve looked around and saw that people are having problems with I2C on the mega, i think thats my problem too