Made an Eagle Package for the ESP8266-12F. Is it correct?

I have attempted to make an Eagle Library file for the ESP8266. I found a library online for the ESP8266-12E but not specifically "F" and have no idea if they are similar so set about making my own...

I have tried to use the schematic provided here:
Datasheet for ESP8266-12F

to produce a package/symbol/shcematic for my potential future project. To start with, I just wanted to make some (as it will be my first) PCBs that have the 8266 module with a DS18b20 sensor (or multiple) and a simple "programming header", Vin/GND header and a reset/program button.

Here is a link to the library/component I have made. Is this "correct"?

DropBox Link to the Library I have made...

Thank you for any help! I have never made my own PCBs and don't want to waste a load of someones time/my money if I mess up!


When I design PCBs, I always print the 'copper' leyers on paper, and ley any smd components on the paper, this checks for scale of custom parts, and also print the cream mask to check all the pads will have solder paste applied.

And here is me now trying to get my HP printer to communicate with Ubuntu.
Thought I was being all clever switching over to linux fully...