MAF (Mass Airflow) Sensors output signal

hello everyone,

this is my first post ever on arduino so please be nice lol.

i am working on a project where i need to read wind speed of a tube, so i am thinking about using an automotive MAF Sensor to do this job since its proven to be durable enough to be used in cars.

from my understanding, the MAF sensors requires a 12V to power it, and it gives a 0-5V output signal according to the wind speed.

i want to use the MAF sensor ALONE, without connecting to any car ECU.

these are my questions -

  1. how do i wire the sensor, as in which pins should i provide what kinda power (5 or 12V)?
  2. which pin can provide me useful infomation/signal (i'm guessing 0-5v output)?

thanks in advance

The datasheet?

i've measured the voltage from each wire off my own car, a VW mk6 golf R, there are 3 wires, one is 12V (power supply i assume), one is 0V (GND i assume), then a 3rd wire, which is only constantly around 2.4V.

i've looked at alot of MAF sensors, the 3rd wire is supposed to give 0-5V voltage signal for the ECU to read but i seem to not be able to get anything but 2.4V from the 3rd line.

would like to know if anyone would know which MAF sensor gives out 0-5V voltage signal so i can hook it up to the arduino.

is there anyone?...


Not all MAF's give a voltage signal. Some of them send a frequency.
Best way to find out what kind of signal they send is to look in some shop manuals.
Most of them will have instructions on how to test the MAF.