Magic Mirror

I've been working on this one for a while now Its an interactive Magic Mirror which gets inputs from various sensors. It's written in Flash and uses Firmata and the Flash AS3Glue library. I'd be interested on any ideas/features to improve it.



Use a tangential fan like this:

Enter the tangential fan in a small mobile wood under the mirror. when the face blows emits a jet of air.

Fantastic project!!!!

Hi, your project looks so awesomely polished I'm not sure if there's more to do! I love that jester mask! But I'm thinking about using the mirror for lots of other fun projects...

If the LCD has some black and some bright colors do you still see your reflection out of the places that the LCD is black, or does the light emitted even when the LCD is "black" ruin the reflection? For example, "bouncing" a small ball around the screen. Would it look to someone brushing his teeth like the ball is interrupting parts of an otherwise reasonable facial reflection?

Or maybe you have to be a many feet away from the mirror for it to look reflective?

Finally, can you achieve partial reflection and partial LCD transmission by using dim colors?

Thanks for any input. I don't want to buy a big expensive mirror only to find out that it doesn't work.

Very nice project! Didn't you post this on instructables?