Magic smoke, still working?

My Arduino 101 just smoked, but it still seems to be working?

I'd plugged it into my computer via USB, and also into a 12V wall wart into the barrel jack at the same time. Meanwhile, another chip off-board was getting power both from the 5V pin, and the Vin pin. (The other chip was an H-bridge, and needed both 5V and 12V to run.)

The last thing I plugged in was the wall wart to the wall socket. It started buzzing. Smoke came out of the Arduino, near the Curie chip. I unplugged it as fast as I could.

Now it's just plugged into my laptop, and there doesn't seem to be any permanent damage. It's running the last program loaded, no problem.

Edit: Problem found: The H-bridge I was using had the input/output pins reversed from the configuration I was used to. So it was pushing power into the Arduino 101's digital pins at 12V.

I nominate you for the BlueSmoke award!

the same thing append to my arduino mega clone and it's still woring totaly fine thanksfully. i've wached it under a binocular microscope and not a single chip or resistor seems to have been damadged. the only thing that seems burned off was the solder on the reset-en connector which may have been the source off the somke ( a small ark or something burning off this small quantity of solder ). by the way this append because i connected by mistake 5v power to the arduino while it was connected to 12v.