Magnetic sensor by Sure Electronics DC-SS503

Hello everyone!

Has anyone used the DC-SS503 dual-axis magnetic sensor from Sure Electronics in an application of vehicle detection? (versus as an electronic compass let's say)


Couldn't find any application notes on the subject. Perhaps you should hook one up and see what signal you get when you drive a car over it.

A compass will definitely notice a large steel object go past! Why are you singling out the DC-SS503?

@MarkT: I am singling this sensor out simply because this is the one I have :slight_smile: It's quite cheap so I bought it to play around with it a bit, and I want to try it in a vehicle detection scenario.

@johnwasser: Yeah, I had no luck in finding any notes on the subject so that was the next step anyway; get some raw data myself. I just asked to see if anyone had ever processed data from the DC-SS503 for such an application.

You just need to notice large deviations and work out how to tell when a disturbance has passed, probably need two thresholds and a time limit - ie if there is an excursion pass the first set of limits this marks a new vehicle, if it returns to "normal" (perhaps indicated by a different set of limits?) for longer than the time limit you assume that vehicle is now gone and you start waiting for the next....

That's similar to what I had in mind, I'll do a few tests in the coming days and see what data I get.