Magnetic wooden blocks construction location in real time

Hello everyone!

I am looking to bring new life to an old wooden block building set I found on my old toys. It basically consists of small wooden blocks (same size), that are fitted with magnets and clip to each other. While looking at it, I wondered how cool it would be to be able to build something with the actual blocks and also view it on Unity at the same time. I was thinking of installing an Arduino with a portable battery pack within the blocks, but after looking at all the possible combinations I would require, like, 54 connectors to be able to pair each and every combination of blocks. Also, I think that using a gyroscope for the block's rotation is out of the question since the magnets will interfere.
Does that project sound feasible?
I would appreciate any and all feedback!

Well I think you shall make a view here.

Hey Paul, thanks for your suggestion, but I looked around and, unless I missed something, could not find any relevant project :slight_smile:

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