MagSafe Arduino Box

Hello people. I’m from Portugal and this is my first post here on the forum.
It’s great to share ideas and to get some feedback so here it goes:

I recently burnt my Apple MagSafe and I was wondering what use I could give to it “after death”.

If you guys have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer.



Good idea! 8)

Good idea reusing the box, but please do not call it MagSage - It does not use the MagSafe connector in any way, just the casing for the Power supply which in itself has nothing to do with the plug in the other end of the cable.

I clicked on your post because i thought You made a box with an arduino inside, and powered with an power supply with a Magsafe connector on the box.

// Per.

Yes. Sorry. It's only the box. Your idea it's only possible maybe with an older MacBook Pro power supply case, because they are even bigger. It would be wonderful to do that but the space needed to convert the voltage is taken to the limit in this case.

Thanks and have fun!