Mailbox examples? Is it what I want for passing messages between the processors?

Hi all!

I am building a simple morse code machine. Input is handled by the “arduino” side of the board, and the web service calls/parsing data is handled on the linux side.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to handle passing information back and forth between the two sides.

I’ve read some of the other posts, including the FAQ page, but I haven’t been able to find much info on Mailbox. Mailbox, from the short docs, seems to be a way to set/get various values and watching for them. More of an asynchronous message passing system. But i can’t figure out any docs about this. This blog post MENTIONs Mailbox, but doesn’t seem to explain what it actually does - none of the examples use Mailbox.

Here is my (basic goal):

Arduino side:

  1. INPUT: wait for input from a button (morse code “key”) - once it is pressed record the next series of presses until 7 seconds has passed without a button press, then pass this information to the linux side via _____
  2. OUTPUT: check to see if there are a messages that need to be “played” from the linux side. If so, it will be a string that represents a series of sounds that should be played. Play them back until done.

Linux side:

  1. Check every 10 seconds against a web service to see if there are any new morse code messages send to the user. If so, then put them ______ for the Arduino to pickup and play back.
  2. Check regularly to see if any new input has been placed in the _______ by the Arduino, and if there is then send it out via a webservice.

Any ideas/tips on how best I might manage the message sending/checking/etc between the two sides?