Mailbox notifier


Total newbie here. I already build a mailbox notifier following various instructions and using 2x arduino uno, RFM69HW, reed switch and led. It blinks a led when postman opens the mailbox.

I like to upgrade it so I would get notification to my phone when new mail arrives. What would be simpliest way to make it happpen?

Use a GSM shield and let it send an SMS to your phone.

If your mailbox is within range of WiFi then a WiFi shield could be used with a program on the Arduino to send an email.

Thanks for reply.

I like to get notification throught internet so it wouldn’t cost anything extra compared to SMS. Mailbox isn’t withing range of wifi.

Could I use arduino in mailbox and esp8266 in my home?

So there's a wire from the Arduino back to the WiFi device in the house? That could work.

No. I meant hooking up esp8266 and arduino in mailbox with RFM69HW or another type of wireless transceiver.