Mains Controller? DMX ?

Its just a thought

can I bounce the thought here.

the old question, controlling mains loads, such as heaters, with spare PV power.

Now I dont like playing with mains voltages, and I know the wife would be happier if I did not have a home brewed mains controler.

SO looking back a few years, I used to work in the theater, and we had remote controlled lamp dimmers, controlled over DMX, which is a differential low voltage system ,

We have DMX shields already in existence, and a 4 channel , 10 amp per channel DMX dimmer costs less than 100 Euro,

so thought was, use an Arduino with a DMX shield to control the dimmers, the arduino also receiving info from something like the EmonTx,

Any thoughts on would this be usefull to any one else , is it a good idea or mad ?