Maintaining board and programmer with sketch

I'm tinkering with multiple boards at the same time (Nano, attiny85, esp8266 etc) and of course, sketches are particular for the most part to a board (internal leds, pinouts, etc). Trouble is, each time I load a sketch, I need to set the programmer, board, processor, clock speed, port, etc which is quite tedious and if I haven't worked on it for a while, I forget exactly the combination.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this issue - so I'm sure there's a way to maintain board setup with a particular sketch?

Many thanks


I don't use the Arduino IDE for editing my programs, i use the Geany editor. And I have written a Python program that I can call from Geany to use the command-line Arduino IDE to compile and upload programs.

At the top of my .ino files I have these comments

// python-build-start
// action, verify
// board, arduino:avr:uno
// port, /dev/ttyACM0
// ide, 1.6.3
// python-build-end

which the Python program uses to tell the IDE what options to use.


@heinduplessis I agree, it would be useful. Perhaps you should post your suggestion here.