Major connection issues

I recently got the arduino uno and had it running a water level program for several weeks. Then I started playing around with the ethernet shield and suddenly got the "avrdude: stk500_getsync():" connection error. After several frustrating days trying everything I could find on the board about this error, I get home today and the arduino uploads fine. However, the arduino is stuck running an older version of the water level program. I tried uploading the blink example sketch, upload says "Done uploading" but it's still running the water level program. Under tool I have the arduino uno checked and uploading via /dev/tty.usbmodem3d11.

I'm running arduino 1.0 on my macbook pro 10.6.8. Any input is appreciated.

Seems to me that either you have the wrong board selected, or the wrong COM port selected. Do you see output from your sketch when you open the serial monitor? That would kind of prove that you have the right port. And I don't how there can be any confusion about the board selection you say is correct. Which leaves me scratching my head. Have you tried uploading a standard example sketch - just something to blink the LEDs?

Just tried it this morning, now it works fine. Didn't even close the program, same com port, same board, same sketch. The only thing that changed is I let it sit overnight without power. I think I need an exorcist bc this board is haunted...

I think I need an exorcist bc this board is haunted...

Yeah, right.