Make 3 phase motorcycle stator as engine starter

Yes, indeed on a motorcycle that has the starting feature, it has automatic decompression.
but there are also many other types of motors that do not have automatic decompression and then this starting feature is installed, the stator is still able to lift the load

about the stator, I've checked the connection between the coil wire and the cable I found the connection is not strong. after I fix it, the torque on the rotor is getting better (at no-load condition). I will try to install the rotor on a motorcycle tomorrow, hopefully all goes well

Hertz and duty cycle are common features on non-entry-level meters.

I already bought a frequency counter.
it reads around 71,000 +/- on low side gate mosfet (no-load condition)

Btw, ir2101 burned again after I replaced it and ran the driver for a while while trying to calculate its frequency. can someone analyze where the error lies based on the schematic I have uploaded below?

at a frequency the meter reads about 71,000
I put the meter input on one of the low side gate mosfet and ground on ground.
is the test method correct?

Isn't it possible to control the frequency by setting TCRR1B and TCRR2B like this?

     void loop() { 
  TCCR1B = (TCCR1B & 0b11111000) | 2; //frequensi 3.9kHz
  TCCR2B = (TCCR2B & 0b11111000) | 2; // frequensi 3.9kHz        

but why on the meter it reads 71,000?