Make a beautiful GUI on ili9341

Hello everybody,

First of all thank you again for everything you do this forum is really great and it is full of absolutely great information to help noobs like me in the field of microcontrollers.
I’m trying to realize, as much as I could see, an automated system for “paludarium” exactly (basically a mix between an aquarium, and a terrarium, … basically)

Here is my material:

Other modules :

I am going to play sounds which can of course be lowered (sounds of night, day, rain, mist, thunderstorm, etc.) :

All this will be powered from the mains or by two 12 V 30 A power supplies (therefore 2 x 360 W) (

On the light side I have:


  • 2 x 5 m LED strip light 12V RGB addressable 60LED / M 5050 SMD IP67 (
    To make 2 panels for the back and the bottom to make animations.
    At the back by passing through a frosted filter to avoid seeing the pixels and make sunrise and sunset animations, cloud, blue sky, starry sky, etc.
    Below to make a night animation through the pebbles of the quartz background and reveal the water movements

And finally all to manage on a 3.2 inch 320 x 240 touchscreen tft LCD SPI screen with IC ILI9341 with the possibility of connecting an SD card behind the screen for all that is images.

The objective:

With all that my goal is, you will understand, to make a fully automated system with pumps, ventilation, lighting, light, music, humidification, etc.
All controlled by an arduino and with variable data (T °, hum air, hum soil etc.) transcribed on a screen, and the possibility of changing the variables in a parameter mode.
Then later, why not, communicate with a small portable wifi application to vary the parameters and see changes over time.

All starting from nothing, I am not really an IT professional and coding in C ++ even simplified like that of arduino is not necessarily my favorite field.
But it’s okay, that’s the goal, to learn. If it should take me 2 years it’s not a big deal, I am rather obstinate and used to big projects.

For now, I have tried all the sensors, that’s good, I have prepared the power supply with switches, I have also prepared the ultrasonic foggers by shorting the buttons and installing them on the power supply 12V and finally I connected the screen with voltage divider bridges because the power supply is 5 V but the pin arches me in 3.3V.
For the lights we will see after that seems to me a huge job and I think I’ll save it for the end with flashled or neoled I don’t know yet.

My problem mainly concerns the display or more precisely the user interface. I have a 3.2 "and 320x240 ili9341 screen with the following pins:
My concern comes from the fact that I can’t find a library except from the basic graphics of the adafruit gfx library which I still find very limited.
With my screen the utft library does not work, only the adafruit works and it fits me well and the tests work well but as soon as I look for other additional library for an ili9341 to create something with more style I systematically fall on bookstores requesting pin such as:
DB1, DB2, DB3… ou RD, WD RS ou CLK.

Is there any solution or do I have to take another type of screen to succeed in having a nice clean and usable interface?
I only have 9 connection pins + 5 for the touch and 4 for the sd. some ili9341 have 40 !!! How is it possible ?
Finally, would it be worth leaning more towards a raspberry pi to create this kind of achievement?

Thank you again for all that your forum offers