Make a Expo App work with Arduino? Is it possible?

Hi, I am new to this so please bare with me.

I have been studying frontend for 1,5 years and still have a lot to learn.
I have kind of an internship now and I am about to make a project with Arduino.

The professor want me to make an app that will work on Android, IOS and the web to be able to control Arduino used for this project. It is supposed to do 3 things. So 3 functions.

I found and it seems to be a good framework cause I am familiar with React.js and I do not have to learn native laguage and can use plain JavaScript.

So I understand that Arduino has it own IDE to program the device but I also have to make this User Interface and make it able to talk to the arduino program. Like push this button in the User Interface and the Arduino makes "this thing spin 4 times".

And here is where it gets complicated. I have been looking through the internet for examples and what I need to download or even if Expo and Adruino work together? The only thing I found so far is Johnny five. Nothing about Expo and how I can make Expo and Arduino to "talk" to eacheother.

Maybe someone here can help me and have a great tutorial I can read trough? Or can tell med what I need or if it is even possible? :slight_smile:

Thanks // Ann

Take a look at blynk.

Hi! Thank you. If this work out well the prodoct owner will use the app and launch it and I see that Blynk is only free for development and personal use only.

If you're set on Expo, maybe consider MQTT as the mechanism for it to talk to the Arduino.

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