Make a headlights button indicator brighter in a button box

Hey, friends, I have a poor experience with an Arduino as well as with micro-electronics in general. I made my button-box by this guide DIY Arduino Buttonbox successfully, but I would like to use a button with a 5v indicator so I've been trying to connect It to VCC and GND of my Pro Micro to give the button additional voltage, but as soon as It happened the box became working incorrectly and windows assign a few button positions to one physical button of the box. How I could fix It?

I would suggest you work on the basics of electronics and possibly read the Arduino cookbook. I am surprised you have not blown the micro in the button box. Without a schematic I cannot see where the LEDs connect. You can use a driver and get more current into the LEDS but they fry if they get to much. With 5 volts you need to put a resistor in series with the led, in the range of 220 Ohms.

Thank you for your answer, unfortunately, I don't have a schematic of the button, I bought It here: here
I think the schematic could be quite common. Yes, It was a surprise for me as well :smiley:

I think he means a schematic of you planned project circuit.
A switch - as you say - is quite common, so we want to look at how your hardware us being connected up. (not a frizzy diagram please)

Only one diagram of the circuit that I have:

I’d suspect those are 12v switches , ( they look automotive) so the lamp will be dim off 5v.
You need to work out the internal wiring of the switch using a multimeter .

Yes, that's correct - 12v, but If I wire the button to 5v and gnd by additional wires with the schematics wiring above It works perfectly exclude windows thinks that I press many buttons in one time when I turn on the switch.

If I plug out a cable from gnd It works absolutely perfect, but the indicator shine is much lower, and If I plug out 5v cable shine disappears.

Sorry, but that is not clear enough to suggest what is inside the switch. The LED may or may not have a limiting resistor, it's not easy to determine that unless you know how to test it. I say that as someone who bought a surplus switch that was similar, the LED had no limiting resistor at all.

I’m still looking for the LEDs on the schematic !

I’m still looking for the LEDs on the schematic !

This is the whole wiring

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