Make a Library for BTD-0801H-SBYB-G-B-A01 LCD Display based on HT1621 controller

Hey all i have a BTD-0801H-SBYB-G-B-A01 LCD Display based on HT1621 it is Build inside a IVECO Stralis Truck.
I have the unit at home and like to build it in my car.
The LCD has 8 Digits and 19 special characters. a Digit consist of 13 Pieces.
Here is a link to its datasheet.

Found a Lib with example for a LCD with the same controler here:

When i run it blinking all chars works. But all other things messed up.

In the LCDHT1621.h file i found this part:

	void SendBit1621(uchar sdata, uchar cnt);
	void SendCmd1621(uchar command);
	void Write1621(uchar addr, uchar sdata);
	void Init1621(void);

removed the protected so i can use Write1621 in the sketch

Now i can figure out the symbols this is a part of my sketch.

 //Door lock

But now my Problem is how to edit the lib files so i have a charset i can use in my sketch?

Hope it is readable english is not my native language.

Modified the lib source.
void Uhr();
void Doppelpunkt1();
void Punkt();
void Doppelpunkt2();
void GradC();
void Lampe();
void FensterL();
void FensterR();
void Lueftung();
void TuerZu();
void Scheibe();
void PfeilR();
void Mond();
void Heizung();
void Klingel();
void Wireless();
void CD();
void Sonne();
void PfeilH();
so in a sketch i can turn on all special chars.

Now i have to hack the numbers in the code files.

LCDHT1621.cpp (4.9 KB)