make a simple alarm

hi everyone could anyone tell me the best way to make a simple alarm for my shed using 2 arduino's simple as if some one breaks in it triggers the other arduino to make a buzzer work ether bluetooth or 433mhz transmitter and reciver cheers for any help

If you are putting one in the shed and one in your house I would use a JeeNode. JeeNode is a small Arduino with a radio built in. Very easy to use.

I use 2 for my weather station.

yes one in the shed and the other in the house so it can be portable im using 2 nano's

The buzzer part is probably easiest. I think the first step is to define what you mean by break in. Does that mean a window is broken, a door opened or are something else?

lets say if using a reed switch ether the circuit is made or broken that it will let the other arduino know somthing has changed . so emitting a signal to other arduino to let it know

Well, you could try using a Nano with an Xbee. You would need two of them, one for sending and one for receiving. This board seems to make connecting them easier.

Here is an Xbee that Adafruit sells.

One other thing to consider is how far away the shed is from your house.

Frankly, I find using JeeNodes easier than Xbees, but that is me.

the shed is only 20 meters away