make an audio player with push buttons using wtv020m01

I am using the wtv020m01 mp3 module and I need code to play mp3 files from micro sd card. how do I do this. Side question: Can the code for the wtv020sd and wtv02016p work with the wtv020m01 module? I need to add code to work with Arduino uno! Thanks.

Can someone please answer!!!!

Google probably can.

I don't know how to put the code for this

Try using one of the other libraries…

If it doesnt work… post back with what happened… and any errors.

What I need to do is to find a way to make an MP3 player using the wtv020m01 mp3 thing with the Arduino uno. I also don't know if the code for the wtv sd one will work with my version an will the projects using the sd type work with my version. I am trying to make an MP3 player but can't figure out how to make one using the wtv020m01. I also can't find a code for it. in the Arduino library there is only one for the sd type not my version. Can someone help!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!

did you even TRY the other libraries!????????????

like what?? I don't know

Have you read this

Does it work with wtv020m01?

No idea have you tried it?

No. Can you?

Can you try it?

Are you being serious right now? LMAO...

YOU have the board. Take the damn library and give it s shot man!! LOL

  • This cant be a real account?

jaredm2195: Can you try it?

No I haven’t got one of those boards and I have no need for one.