Make clicking sound


I'm thinking about a project in which I would like to use capacitive buttons. I would like to have some audible feedback when a button is 'pressed'. Preferably the same sound as a mouse button click. I know there exist components that just make a clicking sound. The component should be small, so not a speaker. The problem is I don't really know how to describe the component and a such I don't know where to look.

In this vid at 1:26 scrolling the trackball makes a clicking sound, that's what I'm looking for.

Kind regards, Jef

A speaker is your best bet. Otherwise you can look at a solenoid or even a miniature relay. Finally there are buzzers, the piezoelectric type can generate clicks like this.

As I said, a speaker is no option, it's too big.

There are no real facts in that statement. "I can't use anything bigger than; the smallest speaker I could find was Y.yyy, which is too wide/high/whatever" DOES contain facts that can be used to help you find an appropriate component.

Is an old cell phone speaker small enough??

One of my requirements is to make it as small as possible and that is a real requirement that can’t be put numbers on.

No, that is not a real requirement. That is a goal. A REAL requirement would be to make the device less than xx by yy by zz.

Paul, your comments are not very constructive.

Yes they are. This is engineering it is not arty farty hand waving.

Your statement that a speaker is too big is just ridiculous, they come in all sorts of sizes. If you tell us what you want there is a chance of some real help.

You can't expect a customer to explain in detail what he is asking you, that would require the customer to have perfect knowledge of the possibilities.

True, but once the customer is asked a specific requirement only the most obstreperous would continue to pretend to be dumb.

From your questions you obviously know very little so why this aggressive attitude?

the question:-

but I have no idea how to make it make a clicking sound.

Would normally be answered politely but your attitude makes it hard. This is so simple, you pulse it. That is write a logic one followed by a logic zero, this sounds like a click.

you know nothing about me.

I know you are an arrogant little ****

I suspect a pulse of one ms sounds different to a pulse of 1 minute?

No, that is how much you know.

I am ducking out of this because you don't deserve any help.

I'm an experienced firmware engineer.

Yet one who is unfamiliar with providing specifications for a project?


Are capacitive buttons necessary? If tactile feedback is desired, why not just use microswitches?