Make Humidifier smart - Taotronics TT-AH006 start on power with arduino

Hi everyone,

long time lurking bloody beginner here.

The Taotronics device is powered via 230V. When connected to the outlet it boots up but does not start the moisturizing process. Requiring a button press "start/stop" to start moisturizing.

I like to automate the start/stop button press with an arduino. The board supplies 12V and 32V (see below PCB pictures). Unfortunately I do not have a wiring diagramm thus need to measure Pins. I was not lucky in lowering the Pins on the front button panel with the Ground on Board (see pictures). Images 2573 and 2572 show the cables coming from the front button panel. I hoped to simulate a button press. Can you help me how to best proceed in reverse engineering the device and how to measure the right Pins?

Any help is appreciated.



Usually one would use a relay (mechanical, or solid state) to short the 2 contacts to act as a button press. Then you don't have to worry about voltage levels, you are just pressing a button in parallel with the installed button.
Can you get to those two contacts per button and try it?

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