Make: It Robotics Starter Kit


I have a question!

I just bought the Radio Shack Make it Robotics kit 2.

I built the catapult Robot and it works fine.

So I decided to go Remote, and downloaded Catapult_IR software.
It compiled great.

I got the remote and pressed the go Forward button and nothing happen, I pressed the backward button again nothing happen.

when I turn on the Remote the red Led came on, I got my Ipad and turn on the camera and looked at the IR_Led and saw nothing.

Can you help me with this problem pleas?

Than ks

Frank G

:) Hi!

I have a question to ask.

I built the Radio shack Starter Robotic Kit Catapult and it works fine, However when I went to use the two remote version it did not work.

It has two versions of Remotes, one is called Home Remote and the other is IR Remote.

The Home remote is the one you use with your TV. The IR Remote is another kit you buy.

My question is: In the book # 2770170 user's Guide on page 32 item (25) it show one IR receiver that is not in the kit 2.

I called 3 to 5 Radio sack stores and nobody can give me an answer about that part. I also e-mail Radio Shack, no responds yet 3 weeks ago.

Has anyone built that kit and used any of the remotes versions.

Thank you Frank g.

Hi I bought the Make:It Robotic kit with all three hardware projects and controllers. I just went to the Radio Shack site and they no longer have and of the software available @ Can someone help me in getting the code?

I hate to revive a zombie thread, but in case someone else finds this, the Radio Shack stuff is also at GitHub