MAKE| Kitty Twitty Cat toy source code gone missing?


I just built the kitty twitty cat toy on make but when I got to the software portion of the tutorial the source code loads a page that has a 404 error. Does anyone have the source code for it? I am not very good at programming (at all) so any help would be awesome.

2nd. experience with MAKE magazine this week. 2nd. crap result.

Maybe too old so they don't support it anymore. Maybe this is for logged in users only. So did you register there and log in ?

Other question earlier this week was about a project that's just impossible to get to work with what they provided. MAKE magazine seems to be a poor name. FIX IT (yourself) magazine seems to be a better fit.

The WayBack machine has an archive of a listing that may or may not be it: