Make life easier with this FREE software tool

A lot of the questions here have been about problems that would have been obvious (or at least more apparent) if the code had been consistently indented. Importantly, it's a lot easier to help someone who presents consistently-indented code.

I recently came across "Artistic Style" on SourceForge at - and would like to suggest that its use might be beneficial.

The program can be configured to just about any imaginable coding style - I set up my configuration file as follows:

# astyle options

but you may prefer other settings. There are Linux, Mac, and Windows versions available - but I've tried only the Mac version.

Disclaimer: My only connection is that of a user; I don't think I know anyone associated with the project.

Interesting... didn't know about this tool. Thank for mentioning it!

Macs and Linux come with "indent" which does a similar thing, although I always forget to use it. :O