Make motor move as soon as I power up the Arduino

I've been looking this examples or code but couldn't find anyone.

How to move the motor as soon as I power up my Arduino??

I think that you are going to have to provide a lot more information. What have you tried?

What type of motor? How is the motor connected to the Arduino? What type of Arduino? How is the Arduino powered? How is the motor powered? What do you mean by "as soon as" ? One minute, one second, one millisecond, one microsecond, one nanosecond?

Arduinos tend to execute their bootloader and some initialization code before the "normal" code [e.g., setup() function and loop() function] gets to execute. Are you looking to replace this?

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With 11 posts, even a "Newbie" should know to provide more information and should know how to properly post.