Make my arduino with ATMEGA328P-PU


I have an Arduino Duemilanove 2009. What I want is after I have programmed the ATMEGA328P-PU, I would like to remove it from the Duemilanove board and to use it alone with whatever component may needed (for example the crystal) in order to minimize as possible the circuit. Has anyone any schematic or PCB for ATMEGA328P-PU ?

I found on internet some but they were for other arduino microcontrollers.

Any board that works as an Arduino UNO will also work as an Arduino Diecimila or Duemilanove. The only difference is which bootloader you use.

Here is one board:

And another:

You need one ATMEGA328 bootloaded, One 16MHz crystal, 2 22pF cap.

Plus a 10K pull up resistor on the reset line and a 0.1uF capacitor across power and ground. Also recommended is is a 0.1uF cap from the Aref pin to ground, don’t connect this pin to anything else.

Grumpy_Mike: Plus a 10K pull up resistor on the reset line

In that case, let's add a push button for reset and maybe a simple header for serial program upload.

The bootloaded ATMEGA328P-PU are easy to find:

I even offer them at my store:

I recommend you get a ZIP (zero insertion force) socket too.

I think the OP was looking for this, as minimal as it gets.

Build up one of these to keep it small.

Or get an RBBB from modern device.

Yes, many options. Like Nike says: Just do it.

Thank you Very much ! I will test and I will inform you for the results !

you need a breadboard too... :grin: