Make my music follow me

So, I've done a bit of work with arduino but have not yet entered the realm of home automation. What I would love to be able to do is to have my music follow me from room to room (no roomba hacks!) but I'm having a hard time figure out the best way to do it. I don't want to do motion or proximity sensors since I want this to be a greedy project where the music is playing ONLY in the room that I am in. I have thought about using gps built into my phone but I'm not sure if that would be sensitive enough. I've also considered having bluetooth modules in certain rooms and switching between connections depending on signal strength. I would assume due to pairing time that I would need some sort of buffer for the music at that point. Has anyone done anything like this before or have any suggestions even if you haven't?! Thanks!

The bottom line is: There must be a detector somehow, and something to detect.

Bluetooth could be done, but is way to "complex."

My first idea would be your phone pings a super sonic beep once every x seconds. (do you have a dog?) A small android/ios app would be sufficient. For the rest the sensor that receives the sound most loud is the music-master.