I want to ask .. how to create a password using the ir receiver module

please help me .....

Which IR receiver module?
What on-board processor and interfaces does it have to store and process a PASSWORD?

Iam using arduino duemilanove..?

I think what he's trying to say is, please post a complete and detailed description of what you want to do.

...and what you have to do it with. (including code)


I guess people do want to help you, but it's hard to give good advice with so little info.

If you would buy a boat and not tell whether you want to go fishing with friends, transport cargo or have a remote controlled one for your kids to play with, it's hard to sell you the boat that suits your needs. "A sail boat to cross the ocean and capable of carrying 8 people" would make it a lot easier to find the right boat as just wanting one that floats...

So, could you tell more about the project you're thinking of, what... should for example be password protected ? What... would you like to use to send the PW ?