Make "reference" section a public Wiki

IMHO the reference section is pretty basic, and sometimes not up-to-date (e.g. Softwareserial has a third parameter which is not documented, etc.).

In addition there are community written libraries, which enhance some of the core functions, or correct them. But to find those is not always easy.

I suggest to make the whole reference sectiona public Wiki, where all users can contribute, where you can place links to alternative libraries, etc.

I did not start this thread for a discussion. I think the decision will be taken some level higher. I wanted to place this suggestion for those who decide this.

Reference will be updated on the public repo here:

Open to user contribution. The release of that version online is planned for next June. That repo will be the official reference for both the website and the ide.

Ah, thanks for the info. I will update my issues.

I still think that a much, much easier usable Wiki would increase the number of contributions and improve the quality of the documentation.

This is plain txt in asciidoc. Hard to think about something simpler. ;)