Make servo motor look at the same direction as analog stick

hi everyone,
for general understanding and arduino learning I thought of a project with three modules - analog stick, servo motor and ulatrasonic sensor. I want to make the servo motor with single sided piece and ultrasonic sensor attached look at the direction of the analog stick. Basically, if you push the stick right, the servo motor turns and the ultrasonic looks at right.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I thought of map(), but I'm not really that experienced and mostly rely on self learning :slight_smile:

Break the project down into small parts.

Presumably you are using analogRead() to get values from the joystick. What range of values does it produce? If necessary write a short program to find out.

What range of values is needed to get the servo to move the way you want it to?

How does the range of values produced by the joystick compare to the range of values needed by the servo?


Appreciate it :slight_smile: Will try my best!

Is this exactly what is covered by the knob tutorial?