Make the arduino react to a tweet

Hi peeps!

I'm a fashion student in Amsterdam. My group is trying to make this interactive coat. We are not very experienced with the codes and programming and we have very little time left before our exhibition (1 week left). Can anyone help us with the code?

Basically what we want is when people tweet 'I love you' at our twitter page, the air tube inside the coat pumps up and then deflates.

I have an arduino atmega 328 and a wishield 2.0

I know how to make the arduino tweet by using SimpleTweet sketch but we need the reverse process.

Here is exactly the steps we want: 1. Arduino receives 'I love you' from twitter 2. Air compressor pumps the air tube for a few seconds 3. Deflates the tube

*We also need to program the arduino to recognize the time of each tweet so it only reacts to the latest tweet out of all the tweets.

Please if you know anything about the codes let me know!