Make Your Pitch - My Business Idea!

Hey guys, I'm trying to start a business and want you guys to check out my pitch for a competition.

If you guys like it, you could promote the video by voting and sharing it. That would be awesome! And of course check out the other pitches and if you like them, please do vote for them as well. I also welcome some feedback on my idea, criticism, comments, or compliments, here or at the comment section of my pitch video!



Great idea.

Some comments:

Background music is distracting*/loud (doesn't help that your vocals sound echoey... sounds like recorded in a hallway? i.e. you're not using a mic, just using the built-in mic of your camera). Lower the music volume so it doesn't distract from your message.

** this is the distracting music effect. starting from 00:40, then again at 1:07,

I would also have to add, is it just for your community? What about mine?

If people in your community, say 100, go to your site, I don't think you can make any money..