makeing kids toy with music buttons. need help

Ive been looking for some time know and need some help.

I am planing on doing a box with a couple of buttons.
I would like to make a short music bit play when a momentery button is pressed

Ive been looking on some modules that reads sound from SD cards
for example the WTV020 module

But I cant figure out how I would make it play a sound file on a button press and then stop when the sound clip is over. Then have another button activate a diffrent sound clip

would be great if I could get some help here

is there another module or something better suited for this? Not too pricey.
Does not have to intergrate with arduino

IMHO the WTV020 modules if more trouble than its worth.

You can't tell it to play individual tracks, all you can do is press play, or stop and next and previous, which makes track selection a pain (but probably not completely impossible)

In addition, the module doesn't play real MP3's it has to have specially formatted sounds

And... It doesn't work with all SD cards

I'd look at a different module, possibly one from Adafruit or Sparkfun which has proper controls.

PS. I've also tried controlling those cheap iPod clone players you can get on eBay, and they are not much better, but at least they play MP3's
(but they still only have play, pause, next and previous etc, so track selection is a pain / useless)

maybe this module could be usefull?

These are easy to use.
Connect a promini to read the button presses and send a simple message to the module to play a song.