Maker Faire - Newcastle, England 2013

It is back after missing out this year.

UK Maker Faire: Sat 27-Sun 28 April 2013

Entry Close Date: Midnight, Sunday 20 January 2013.

Just sent in my entry, hope to see you there.

I'd love to go, I doubt I'll be ready for this one though. Do you know if they will skip another year?


No I don't. They were not planning to skip this one but they said they could not get the funding in time.

There's plans for a big-ish maker/hack area with a number of UK hack/maker spaces coming together to strut their stuff :-)

I'm really looking forward to it. The other Maker Faires were great events.

Train tickets bought, hotel rooms booked. Hopefully this will be a good event, I've never visited Newcastle before (passed through it and around it several times but never stopped) so looking forward to the Faire and the city.

It's this weekend. Going up tomorrow to set up.

I will have my latest just finished project Lights Out. Three games in one. One game inspired by idiots who think they can remember the brightess of an LED over three months, it's very hard remembering over one second.

Have fun Mike, if you can find out if there'll be one next year please let me know.

One game inspired by idiots...

Sounds intriguing, and there would be no shortage of inspirational material I would think.


We at Makerspace @ Newcastle will be setting up on Friday as well.

We've got a Ed's Arduino laser game and Iain's RF based Railing signals as well as Pi stuff.

Looking forward to it :-)

Great. This year I might have an "assistant" to look after the stand so I can get a look round myself. :)

Looks us up on stand 52 :-)

Quite an exhausting time. Here is my video:-

That looks like a lot of fun, pity I couldn't get there.

A lot of retro stuff it seems, is that all us old farts travelling down memory lane? Although it seems the youngsters still get a kick out of Pong et al.


A lot of retro stuff it seems, is that all us old farts travelling down memory lane?

Well not old farts but young ones at:-

Great stuff, and at Bletchly as well, fairly appropriate.

And the guys that did a lot of that stuff got no public recognition I suppose because it was secret.

If I get back to the UK I'll have to visit the TNMOC.