Maker focus OLED (SSD1306) severe issue (fire risk?)

Hi everyone,

Just thought that I'd make a quick post about this particular OLED screen:

I've had an issue where plugging it straight into an Arduino Uno R3 caused several power surges on my PC (which luckily didn't fry the USB ports, but disabled them temporarily)

I also had a multiple input one wire sensor system that when I attempted to run a test fell out while I was moving the whole circuit while plugged into an external power source. This lead to the OLED screen heating up alarmingly quickly, burning my fingers.

The circuit that I was testing had the sensors all in series, with the OLED screen running in parallel with it.

I left a 2* review on Amazon saying that the screen caused power surges, but I burnt my fingers yesterday from it.

Fairly sure that a screen like this SHOULD NOT overheat this quickly when it's only rated for 0.05W at 5V. So as someone who's getting back into electronics since I did my GCSEs about 7 years ago, this worried me.

Unless someone says that this can be expected, I will just say that this OLED MUST BE AVOIDED.

Please post your schematic. Pencil drawing, ascii art, ... is all easy to do.

Multiple temperature sensors like DS18B20 can all share the same One-wire bus.
They are wired in parallel.

The OLED is a 3.3V device with I2C interface.


This is the problem, the OLED doesn't work at all on 3.3V which is what concerned me when I saw the Adafruit SSD1306 datasheet.

The manufacturer specifies on their Amazon page that it's mean to run on 5V And no, there is no documentation supplied with it.

The I2C stuff all works with it, and the code works. But it seems dangerous that this screen does this.

I've already tried a simple Google search, but it seems that these screens aren't normally a fire risk.

Just downloading Fritzing so I can get you a proper schematic, I can't draw at all.

If you follow the web address I left, it should bring you to the page where the seller/manufacturer specifies the requirements of the OLED.

Sorry for the inconvenience of not having a schematic.