Maker movement, or similar, in the UK?

Hi there,

I've been in the receiving mode for quite a while.
I've bought an Uno and I'm already getting my hands dirty with some LEDs and the IDE.

But after a while it gets lonely. I'm missing the social interaction with other tinkerers.

So my question is:
Is there a Maker movement in the UK? Probably by other name, since it's to American for the Brits :wink:
Is there an equivalent to hacker spaces here in the UK?

If there is, could anyone be kind enough to provide some links to the main ones?

Many, MANY thanks in advance.


There are hackerspaces (hackspaces) here in the UK too:

Also take a look at the Arduino user map

Hi Gus,

Also, after the recent Howdunio event in Lancaster (which was great by the way). Graham Dean at the uni there is planning to try and get a bit of a regular meeting going in the LICA building.

I have sent him this link - hoping he will get organised :wink:

There are hackerspaces (hackspaces) here in the UK too:

Yes there are a number of UK maker spaces, we have one in Newcastle

Two things in Manchester:-


Only half an hour down the M6