Makerbot's Discouraging News

I hope this doesn't conflict with Arduino's forum rules but I really think this needs to get out to as much people as possible.

Makerbot and it's affiliates (Stratasys/Thingiverse) are stealing the communities designs and patenting them for their own benefit. More info here, Has MakerBot Crossed The Line? For Some, Yes « Fabbaloo.

I have uploaded several design there and have taken them down and most of the people are moving to

Cannot verify the above and I am no lawyer but:

If a design is published in public it cannot be patented any more. Then it has become state of art / prior art
if a published design is improved upon, the improvements can be patented, unless there is prior art of course.

you could contact/inform the Free Software Foundation (although it is hardware) as they probably know how to act in these cases.

update: taking designs down might remove the evidence of the prior art, you might want to snapshot your design first with the internet archive - Internet Archive: Wayback Machine -

As far as I know, there has been steps that the original designer is taking to stop the patent from being approved or just trying to make Makerbot change the patent. I am just trying to get the word out about what Makerbot is doing.

They are in contact with Electronic Frontier Foundation. There has also been alot a people collecting proof of prior art. Especially the blog that Makerbot posted on their own site about the design. All snapshots have made and most of the people who are involved and are wanting to help are submitting their proof to the USPTO by way of their electronic filing system. There is a step by step guide here.

My main reason for posting here is to get the word out about how Makerbot is treating the open source community. I know there are several members here that have 3D printers and are members of Thingiverse.