MakerHawk Arduino LCD Issues

I picked up a MakerHawk Arduino LCD to play with recently. As an aside, I am new to all of this.

Here is the LCD I bought:

I started to make a fritzing pinout but they didn't have the 8 pin Nokia lcd.
My pin out on an arduino uno is:

LED --> Ground
SCK --> Pin 7
SDA --> Pin 6
A0 --> Pin 5
RST --> Pin 3
CS --> Pin 4
GND --> Ground
VCC --> Positive

Arduino 3.3V --> bread board Positive
Arduino Ground --> bread board Ground

I installed the Adafruit PCD8544 library via zip and opened the test file. I uploaded it but all I see is the back light. I modified the contrast to various values up to 100 without any luck.

I tried to just show the splash screen or draw a line but no success there.

Any hints or tips? Thanks in advance.

-- John

God gave you the IDE Library Manager. Use it.

I am sure that the library examples will work fine.
Just show your actual wiring.

Your Amazon link shows a 1.6 inch SSD1283 TFT display.
This will not work with the Adafruit PCD8544 library.


I realised that after I posted and was rereading the page. I followed the link on the page that uses the MSP1601 mini. I downloaded and installed the libraries then updated the pins in the example code to match what I have and still had no success.

#include <LCDWIKI_GUI.h> //Core graphics library
#include <LCDWIKI_SPI.h> //Hardware-specific library
//paramters define
#define MODEL SSD1283A
#define CS   4
#define CD   5   // This is the A0 pin
#define SDA  6   //if you use the hardware spi,this pin is no need to set
#define SCK  7   //if you use the hardware spi,this pin is no need to set
#define RST  3
#define LED  2   //if you don't need to control the LED pin,you should set it to -1 and set it to 3.3V

//the definiens of hardware spi mode as follow:
//if the IC model is known or the modules is unreadable,you can use this constructed function

I switched the pins to

LED --> Vcc
SCK --> Pin A1
SDA --> Pin A2
A0 --> Pin A4
RST --> Pin A3
CS --> Pin A5

I then used the constructor:

LCDWIKI_SPI mylcd(SSD1283A,A5,A3,-1,A2,A4,A1,-1);

along with the display_string.ino example in the downloaded library.

This succeeds. So it can be marked as solved.

Show us a photo of your wiring. The library at GitHub - lcdwiki/LCDWIKI_SPI: driver for SPI-Bus TFT Displays works for other displays.

I do not have a SSD1283A display. I can only assume that it works too.

The board in your link should be ok with 5V GPIO from your Uno.
Just connect straight wires.

If you are running LCDWIKI_SPI/colligate_test.ino at master · lcdwiki/LCDWIKI_SPI · GitHub with your wiring you need to use Software SPI:

//Example wiring:
//LCDWIKI_SPI mylcd(SSD1283A,A5,A3,-1,A2,A4,A1,A3);//software spi,model,cs,cd,miso,mosi,reset,clk,led

This should work but be appallingly SLOW.

I suggest that you use the Hardware SPI pins.

Incidentally, Software SPI might be slow but if you use their suggested wiring, the pcb header pins mate with the Uno header sockets just as Nature intended.