Makershield colors for header pins

First... Where is the best selection (colors) of header pins for a makershed?

Second... I have quite a few header pins already: black, white, teal, green, blue, yellow, red.

I'm building a prototyping shield for someone whose vision is worse than they will admit and I'd like to color code the major areas so that they don't have to get out magnification to figure out which place is which.

They have a history with circuit design, so I want to use colors that he might be familiar with.


In an ideal world, what colors would you use for this project?

Don't worry about having only 1 pin of a certain type or anything. This person is pretty special to me and I'm willing to do the work to get it done right.

Thanks in advance!


Whether or not they're color blind is likely to be relevant.

My mistake, and excellent point! They are not color blind.

The makershed prototype shield has:

Digital 0-13
Analog 0-5


A good system is to use the resistor colour code, black zero, brown one red two and so on.

Grumpy_Mike, I don't think there are enough colors available out there, and this doesn't help with things like Ground or 5v vs D5 or A5. D10-12 get tricky too... I like the idea, though! Thanks!

I don't think there are enough colors available out there,

If you get wire that telecom engineered use they are two colour wires. I think there are over a hundred combinations.

I'm not sure how to combine colors.

No you do not do that you buy wires that are like that.

I'm not using wires. These are header pins for a maker shield prototyping board.

I think sydcomebak is talking about the colored headers like this:

Pert is correct. I cannot post images, apparently.

The forum doesn't allow you to attach images that contain Exif data, I guess because they might contain GPS coordinates.

I guess because they might contain GPS coordinates.

No you can get GPS coordinates from images posted here.

As to the problem then it seems to me the only answer is paint.

Ok, I'm going to come back to this when I can post a photo of what I have and maybe then someone can help.