Making 2x MFRC522 communicate with each other

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I'm working on a project to communicate between two boards OTA (over-the-air) but within close proximity. I could consider LED/laser based communication, but that is too directional. WiFi or BT are wireless, but using them increases the BoM cost. I considered NFC/RFID, but all my research and understanding indicates (please do correct me if I'm wrong here) that I can't do much with RFID tag because the tag itself is hardly capable of processing other than fetching and storing data.

I then thought if it would be possible to make two RC522 reader/writers talk to each other, similar to serial comms where Rx of one side goes to Tx of other side and vice versa, but my search did not get me anything worthwhile. I do know that NFC is used to share data between two NFC enabled phones (like contact cards and other small data), so I'd assume it should be doable, but I don't have any pointers to start working.

Any kind soul out there might have any info that could be useful for me with my project?

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I haven't done it but if I had, I would explore the use of this NDEF library with a PN532 breakout board.

there is a peer to peer example here

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