Making a 2 or more channel controller with bluetooth

Hello. I have read quite a few topics on bluetooth and most either use digital pins coded as "Case A" where you send a string "A" and that is a pre-set function (or if condition)

My objective is to have a system where:

Read potentiometer 1, read potentiometer 2 (and so on). In case of a 2 channel, there would be only 2 potentiometers.

These 2 potentiometers are for 2 different motors/servo (PWM output)


Since i am using bluetooth, i need to have a string with a "code" and "value" the message from the controller to the receiver could be something like

"A+Potentiometer 1 value,B+Potentiometer 2 value"

This way, and being a string i can get the receiver to split the information in parts. Lets assume the potentiometer value is between 1-999 (3 digits) The message would be "AXXX,BYYY" (for higher number of channel: AXXX,BYYY,CZZZ...) I could then transform the string on the receiver to a string array where array[0]=A array[1]=X array[2]=X array[3]=X array[4]=, array[5]=B array[6]=Y array[7]=Y array[8]=Y This is the only way i can see a solution for this problem. After doing that i could do something like PWM1 = array[1]*100+array[2]*10+array[3] PWM2 = array[6]*100+array[7]*10+array[8]

other way to optimize the process would be to read for the command i want (look for "A" or "B"...and read the 3 values after [assuming a 3 digit value])

The problem is that i cant seem to make this work because i cannot figure out the variable format changes to make this happen

If possible, could someone help me model the format change system to transform the analogRead's into a String with 1 line and the code showed above. Then the message sending and receiving i am being able to do but for a single channel. And at the end transform the into a string/array where i can locate the elements needed to model the PWM's

Thanks for reading/helping Jose