Making a audio analyzer

Hello to everyone, after trying a lot to login in the processing forum without sucess as I always get an page not found error when I click in the sign-in button I returned to the arduino forum to make my question.
Is it possible to create an Processing program that can read the actual stream of sound that a audio player is putting out to the sound card and then process that same stream to create a sort of vu meter implemented using the arduino and some rgb leds?
Players like winamp, media player, amarok, totem and others have built-in visualizations, but how can someone access the sound data to make an external visualization?

No one?
There are lots of vu meter programs, but they are almost all for sell and none is open source, is it so difficult? :frowning:

wrong section!

I think that for now it is in the right section as it is a very cloudy idea and the most important part of it is the computer side of the program so no arduino involved (yet).

Look at this one:-

I have already saw it, its nice, but I would love to make it working using no additional hardware and doing the audio processing in the pc while the audio is in the player/being streamed.

Just put “winamp” into the search box and you will find a number of posts using a simple plugin I threw together. Or just investigate winamp plugins, there are free SDKs available.

Macegr, can you help me to compile your plugin, I have a legal copy of visual studio professional, and I have Qt too if needed, can you just send the compiled files?

You found a link for it somewhere, right? It should just open up and compile. By no means am I a Visual Studio expert, so I don’t even know what would cause problems and how to fix them. The plugin code I made is really just a quick hack, even with a hardcoded serial port. You could improve it greatly.

After my exams finish I will look into it with great care, yes I have downloaded it from another thread, thanks for showing this!
One more thing, were did you learn how to do it, any forum or wiki about?

This is driving me nutts! :frowning:
When I open your .sln file located in the vis_test only the svis.cpp file is loaded with the project in the visual studio and when I try to build it, I get loads of errors and warnings :frowning: