Making a baby mobile using arduino????

hey all, I have done some searching online and on this site and did not see anything about this so heres what I was thinking.

my friends are having a baby and I would like to make the baby a homemade mobile. I was thinking of using a cheap portable projector and a custom photo slide show. I was thinking I could program and use the arduino, but is this possible in any way? can the storage you add onto a board hold info like that? any help is greatly appreciated thanks Alex

a homemade mobile.

I'm sorry but I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you talking about something to generate visual and audio stimuli for the baby to stimulate nerve growth and brain activity ?

Hi Alex and welcome.

Arduino doesn't really have enough memory or processing power to deal with digital photographs and projectors. You would need so many expensive add-ons or shields, that you would be better off using a Raspberry Pi from the start. It has sd storage, analog and digutal video output and enough memory and speed for the task.