Making a basic counter need few tips

Hello Guys I am back from a long break. I am trying to build a basic up down counter scoreboard with arduino. This is what I want: 2 digits for the home team and 2 digits for the guest team. I would like to understand the MAX chips so I can use them. I want the up down buttons to go to an RF or IR remote. I want this project to be fairly cheap so keep that in mind. I know you guys do not like us to do ask you guys to do stuff for us but this is a project that I need done quick so. From now on ill want to learn more than get my project drawn out for me. Also the digits should be close to 6-8 in. I need suggestions where to buy those or how to make digit segments. So I need all the help i can get. To be clear all this show is the score with 2 digits on each side.


You may get someone to spec the project & write the code for you in exchange for $ in this section:
Gigs and Collaborations

Otherwise, I suspect it is not in the spirit of the forum to expect other members to do all (or even parts) of the work!

If I was looking for large displays, I would check eBay & aliexpress.

Did you consider just using a Large TV or computer display to show the scores, driven by a PC or RPi?