Making a Clock signal using Mega and Uno

I am currently making a project using a Cis sensor and it requires me to supply a clock signal and differential signal for it to work. How do supply that signal from an Arduino? and do I need to do it externally?

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A clock signal is any signal that is alternating between two different voltage levels. An Arduino can easily create a signal with a frequency of a few Hertz even in software. If the frequency required gets higher you can uses PWM modules and hardware timers to create frequencies hundreds of kiloHertz or even some MHz, depending the Arduino you have.

Differential signal just means the signal is encoded in the voltage difference between two lines not the absolute voltage level. Differential signals are immune to noise inducted into the cable. Usually there are special circuits to creates these signal from the logic signal provided by microcontrollers e.g. CAN transceivers. You will need to provide some more information about this signal to allow people to answer your question.

Good question.

perhaps you should start by explaining whatever a "Cis sensor" is, then giving a Web reference to the datasheet of the particular one you propose to use. :roll_eyes: