Making a controller Arduino Nano with CH340G

Hy everybody, I'm from Italy and I'm new here, so please excuse my bad English and my mistakes.
Surfing in the Internet I found a way to turn an Arduino Uno into a pc controller, but immediately I found out a big problem in what I'm now doing.
First of all, I'm using an Arduino Nano, and it turned out it uses CH340G USB to Serial chip (it was told me that was the original Arduino...), I can easily program it, but I'm stuck in this project because I need to "flash" the CH340G chip to make the computer read it as an input device.
The only way I found to "flash" the chip was with Atmel Flip tool, but CH340G isn't supported, so, the question is, what can I do to make this project with my resources? Is it even possible? Am I just a stupid guy trying making stupid things?

Here's the link to the website i looked at, sorry but it's in Italian:

It's not possible to reflash a ch340.
You can get "arduino micro" or clones that have direct USB support, and might support your program.

Well then, thanks for your answer!

You need an Uno that uses the Atmel Atmega16U2 as the USB to serial converter. Many cheap Uno clones use the CH340G USB to serial chip, same as the Nano clone you current have.

Your other choice is you use the Pro Micro or Leonardo which use the Atmel Atmega32U4 which supports a direct USB connection.