Making a Digikey order; Any suggestions?

Well, I’m putting together an order at Digikey for some stuff I need, and I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for components to add to my list.

I figured that if I’m going to eventually need something, I might as well add it now and save on shipping.

So far I’ve got:

  • Momentary Push buttons
  • 16 MHz resonators
  • 5V regulators
  • Decoupling caps for the regulators
  • 2.1mm power jacks

Anything else I should add? :slight_smile:

Depends on what floats your boat… maybe a bunch of led’s? Some breadboards? Tools perhaps?

I’ve got 100+ LEDs, don’t need breadboards, and I think I’m set on tools.

I was thinking mostly discreet components?

Get a mess of NPN 2n2222 transistors? Maybe a good set of resistors and capacitors in different common values? Potentiometers? MOSFETs for motor control? ULN200x motor drivers and darlingtons? 4051s? A complete 74xx kit (that would be kinda expensive)?

So many choices…


I do already have about 30 PN2222s, and many resistors in common values.

I may place some caps in the cart.

I have a few pots, but I could use some MOSFETs! Anyone have a good part number for MOSFETs?

Depending on what you plan for the MOSFETs - I sorta like P type - 785-1106-1-ND is a decent 25amp… wait - I’ll bet you are looked for leaded items - TO-220? That is a TO-252. How about a FQP27P06-ND at $1.06 each if you are needing 27 amps?

One I’ve been looking at is IRF4905PBF-ND at 74 amps - but it’s $2.81 each from Digikey - I’m thinking of ordering some on my next order to Futurlec - only $1.25 there.

Do you have a complementary for the 2N2222? Diodes?

A couple extra m168 chips? DigiKey won’t have an m328 chips until March 22th.

Any temperature sensors?

Ken H>

Most of those parts are available cheaper surplus. Except for the resonators, which I’ve never had any luck with.

Check out you may save enough to make it worth the extra postage. Be warned that, if you’re shopping for panel mount power jacks, the ones BG Micro sells are serviceable, but visibly more cheaply made than the higher-priced ones.

If you do wind up ordering from Digi-key, consider getting some of the chips that are popular in Arduino projects, but really hard to find from other hobbyist sources. Like the TPIC6C595 or TLC5940. In addition to using them, yourself, you might swap a few with folks who want only one or two, and find Digi-Key’s minimum shipping charge painful.

Digi-key has some great deals on mounting hardware, like bags of 4-40 nuts and screws. And these spacers are really nice: run a 4-40 tap through one, and you get a threaded spacer for a fraction of the price of ready-made ones.

Digi-Key’s minimum shipping charge painful

??? I’ve ordered quite a few times from Digikey and never had a min shipping charge - usually shipping for a few chips and things run less than $3 - $4 at max. Only one time did I get hung with shipping charges - I order some 4 ft pieces of heat shrink - they shipped in a BIG long box so the heat trace would not get bent or rolled up. That cost me $9 for priority shipped - Of course I rolled it up in a storage box at home.

Mouser is the one with heavy shipping - seems like it’s $7 or $8 min.

BTW, I had not though of DigiKey for 4-40 nuts 'n screws - and those spacers. You just cost me more money :slight_smile:

Ken H>

I like having a couple of atmega and attiny chips around to make custom circuits with.

Well, I just ordered some ATmega644s from ebay (hence the reason I’m ordering things like resonators, etc.) so I think I’m good on chips for now (plus I have no idea how to program Attiny chips anyways) ;D.

Looking at other ICs, I thought about buying one or two DS1307s, but 4 bucks seems like a lot to pay for something I have no current use for! Plus I’d have to get a batter + holder + crystal…

Are there any cheaper (Arduino compatible) RTCs available?

PS: What’s the difference between DS1307 and DS1337 besides the price? They’re both listed as I2C, but I swear one of them was SPI…

Ah, I think I’ve figured it out: DS1307 has no battery backup, but has alarms?

As far as Mosfet’s I just ordered some from Newark for $0.76 each. I have used them before and I like the 150 Watt rating plus the low ‘on’ resistance rating. I’m a newbie here and just starting with the Arduino micros but think these look good.

Dave Stalsworth

Here are the Specs…


MOSFET; Transistor Polarity:N Channel; Continuous Drain Current, Id:50A; Drain Source Voltage, Vds:60V; On Resistance, Rds(on):0.028ohm; Rds(on) Test Voltage, Vgs:10V; Threshold Voltage, Vgs Typ:4V; Power Dissipation, Pd:150W ;RoHS Compliant: Yes

Aw man, those are 2.88 each at Digikey!

proto board, or blank pcb stock (and etching materials)

I don’t have a laser printer :(.

Could be nice to have some protoboard though…

yea proto boards is mainly what I use, I dont have a laser printer, but have 2 of them at work, my deal is with etching is the chemicals

Get different sizes of board, It kinda stinks when you have a tiny project but a large sheet of board, and maybe its just me but I cant ever cut them where it looks good, even with my xacto saw

Indeed. I also just had the brainstorm that I’ll need sockets for my 'mega644s! :o

Of course, Radio-crap doesn’t provide enough information about their 40 pin socket, so I can’t tell if it’s the .6" wide I need for the 644s (but it doesn’t look like it). Luckily, Digikey has them for 42 cents each :).

Futurlec has the IRFZ44 for 50 cents each. (you’ll have to put hte IRFZ44 in) - it is listed as only 49 amps, but shipping is only $4 for an order < $28 to USA.

On the PCB - that is not a problem etching neat boards. I enjoy that - chemicals are easy, just HCl and H202 does a nice job of etching.

Hey, this is fun - making an order and spending someone’s money ;D

Ken H>

female headers!

You’re right on the shipping time - that’s why Futurlec is ONLY for spare parts bin - not for projects you want “now”.

AND you do have to check prices on Futurlec pretty close - sometimes DigiKey will match them… only some things.

Ken H.