Making a Digital photo frame


I am starting to build a Digital photo frame using arduino. The system include: an arduino(of couse) + LCD for display + SD card.
I have a couple of questions that need you guys help me to answer :D.

  1. I search around and found many LCD module that I could use. However, I feel that these LCD is not good enough for a photo frame (low resolution, bad color ...). Can you suggest me any good LCD sceen that I could use, I want to build an at least 7 inches photo frame.
  2. I am thinking about using the LCD screen from my old nexus 7 tablet. Do you think it is possible to make it work with arduino?
  3. And can someone explain me shortly what are the differences between types of LCD screen (TFT,IPS...).

Thank you :smiley:

arduino do not work very good for stuff like this you would be better off with a raspberry Pi

An Arduino (8-bit) doesn't have enough memory to hold images. You could take a look at the 32-bit arduinos. RaspberryPi is a good choice as it has all the necessary hardware to hook up an LCD.

Just look for an LCD that has HDMI input. Would be easy with a RaspberryPi.

Just go buy a digital photo frame.

Making one is an absolute exercise in futility.

(In my experience, they are very unreliable; limited lifetime. Just get a Raspberry Pi and a (requires HDMI) video monitor. Perfect application for a Pi Zero)